Frequently asked questions

Managing your PRO plan

All of your PRO plan details and options are available for management from the User Settings or PRO page under the “Your PRO Settings” box.

Access Your PRO settings on the GTmetrix PRO page or User Settings.

You can view and manage details such as:

  • Billing Info
    Change credit card details, billing addresses and contacts, etc. 
  • Past Invoices
    Click on “Past Invoices” – a menu will slide out with a drop-down listing all of your previous invoices. 
  • Branded PDF Settings
    Gold and Select PRO plans only. See above for details on  
  • GTmetrix API DetailsSee your API usage details as well as Developer Toolkit parameters on the API page. 
  • PRO Plan CancellationCancel your PRO plan at any time (though we hope you won’t!). 

Of course, if you need any assistance regarding your PRO plan, please feel free to contact us!

Key PRO Features

You get some pretty nifty functionality with GTmetrix PRO – The key differences relate mostly to monitoring/API usage and premium Analysis Options. We detail them below:

1) More monitored/saved slots and API credits

You can naturally monitor and save more pages with your PRO plan.

You can monitor a lot more pages now!

We recommend monitoring your pages in different devices, connection speeds and regions for a more complete view of your page performance. Read more on Why you should monitor your page for performance.

If you have a series of reports you wish to keep a record of, you can Save the page. Saved pages are excluded in our ongoing data purges, so be sure to enable them for important pages.

Note that monitored pages are exempt from the aforementioned data purge.

Enable “Save this page” in the Page Settings.

Lastly, if you use the API, you may have more credits to perform GTmetrix tests with, and access to Developer Toolkit options like .

GTmetrix API credit usage and parameters available on the API page.

You can find these details in the GTmetrix API page.

2) Hourly monitoring

Hourly monitoring helps you see how your site performs throughout the day. All PRO plans and select Custom plans have access to hourly testing in the Monitor frequency dropdown.

Select Hourly monitoring for more fine grain report data.

Be sure to combine monitoring with Alerts to get notified if/when you’re experiencing performance issues.

Hourly monitoring with alerts can help catch issues on your site.

3) Monitoring in different regions

You can monitor your page in various regions to ensure your page loads well for all your visitors worldwide.

Monitor in all of our 7 test regions around the world.

Look at your logs/analytics to see where most of your visitors are coming from, then select the closest test region to monitor.

Your analytics should show basic segmentation of your visitors.

4) Simulated Devices (via Developer Toolkit)

PRO and select Custom plans have access to the Developer Toolkit, located in the Analysis Options on the Dashboard.
Access the Developer Toolkit in the Analysis Options menu.

A defining feature is our Simulated Device feature, which lets you see how your page loads on popular mobile devices.

Test your page in different simulated devices.

You can simulate your page load on over 20 different device models and variants and apply Analysis Options to fit your testing scenarios. Read more on How to Simulate Devices with GTmetrix.


All methods return promises, but you can also provide a callback function
instead which gets the standard and arguments.

In the examples below I use a mix of callbacks and promises, but each method
can do both. I also left out the error handling for better readability.

message description properties
request failed Request cannot be made
invalid response Can’t process response
API error API returned an error

( params, callback )

Run a test.

argument type required description
params object yes Test settings
callback function no Callback function
consttest={  url'',  location2,  browser3};gtmetrix.test.create(test,console.log);
{ credits_left68,  test_id'Ao0AYQbz',  poll_state_url''}

( testId, , , callback )

Get details about a test or one of its resources.

When you specify a binary resource, i.e. ,
the callback will be a Buffer instance, so you can
post-process the binary data however you like. See example below.

argument type required description
testId string yes Test to look up
resource string no Retrieve a test resource
polling number no Retry until completion, in ms
callback function no Callback function

Get what is currently available, without waiting for completion.

{ resources{}, error'', results{}, state'started'}

Wait for completion and then get the details.

{ resources{ report_pdf'',     pagespeed'',     har'',     pagespeed_files'',     report_pdf_full'',     yslow'',     screenshot''},  error'',  results{ onload_time185,     first_contentful_paint_time221,     page_elements2,     report_url'',     redirect_duration,     first_paint_time221,     dom_content_loaded_durationnull,     dom_content_loaded_time184,     dom_interactive_time183,     page_bytes1911,     page_load_time185,     html_bytes277,     fully_loaded_time307,     html_load_time145,     rum_speed_index221,     yslow_score99,     pagespeed_score99,     backend_duration68,     onload_duration,     connect_duration77},  state'completed'}

Retry every 5000 ms until it’s ready.

constfs=require('fs');gtmetrix.test.get('Ao0AYQbz','screenshot',5000).then(data=>fs.writeFile(__dirname+'/screenshot.jpg', data,console.log));
resource binary content description
filmstrip yes JPEG Page loading filmstrip (requires video)
har no JS object HTTP Archive
pagespeed no JS object Pagespeed report
pagespeed-files yes ZIP Pagespeed optimized files
report-pdf yes PDF Test summary
report-pdf-full yes PDF Full test report
screenshot yes JPEG Screenshot image
video yes MP4 Page loading video
yslow no JS object YSlow report

( callback )

Get a list of available test locations.

argument type required description
callback function no Callback function
{ name'Vancouver, Canada',    defaulttrue,    id'1',    browsers1,3}

( callback )

Get a list of available test browsers.

argument type required description
callback function no Callback function
{ features{ dnstrue,       cookiestrue,       adblocktrue,       http_authtrue,       videotrue,       user_agenttrue,       throttletrue,       filteringtrue,       resolutiontrue},    browser'firefox',    name'Firefox (Desktop)',    platform'desktop',    id1,    device''}

( browserId, callback )

Get details about a test browser.

argument type required description
browserId number yes Browser to look up
callback function no Callback function
{ features{ dnstrue,     cookiestrue,     adblocktrue,     http_authtrue,     videotrue,     user_agenttrue,     throttletrue,     filteringtrue,     resolutiontrue},  browser'chrome',  name'Chrome (Desktop)',  platform'desktop',  id3,  device''}

( callback )

Information about your account.

argument type required description
callback function no Callback function
{ api_refill1234567890, api_credits68}

Other PRO features

More features are available with PRO that can help you get a better handle of your page performance.

Note that some features are only available in select PRO plans.

Priority access for tests

PRO users get priority access in the queue for their tests.

Wait no more with GTmetrix PRO!

This means you wait less during peak usage periods and your reports generate faster than Guest or Basic/Free users.

Dashboard Filters

You can create unlimited Dashboard filters to help organize your pages and reports.

Create filters to help you find relevant pages and reports.

For a complete guide on our Dashboard, have a look at our Dashboard Tips and Tricks article.

Video Alerts

With Video Alerts, you can save video playback of your page when an alert is triggered.

Playback your page’s load behaviour when you’ve triggered an alert.

See exactly how your page behaved after an alert and get more insight on user experiences.

Developer Toolkit

We mentioned Simulated Devices above, but there are a lot more features available in our Developer Toolkit.

The Developer Toolkit is available in Bronze, Silver, Gold plans and as an add-on for Custom plans.

We break down our main Developer Toolkit features here:

  • How to Simulate Devices
  • How to Test with Custom Connection Speeds
  • How to use Presets
  • How to Override your DNS

Read more about the Developer Toolkit release here.

White-labelled PDFs (Select plans only)

GTmetrix PRO Gold and select Custom plan users can brand their PDF reports with a logo and company description.

Upload your own logos on GTmetrix PDF reports with White-labelling.

In your User Settings or PRO page, you’ll see a “Branded PDF Settings” option in the “Your PRO Settings” box.

“Branded PDF Settings” are located in the User Settings page.

Clicking it with expand a sidebar with all of your Branded PDF options.

Upload your own logo and enter your own description.

All PDFs generated – including ones from the API – will use your custom logo and descriptions.


October 12th, 2017

  • Added support for Developer Toolkit functionality including 7 new options: x-metrix-dns, x-metrix-simulate-device, x-metrix-user-agent, x-metrix-browser-width, x-metrix-browser-height, x-metrix-browser-dppx and x-metrix-browser-rotate.
  • Added documentation for Developer Toolkit options.

February 8th, 2017

  • Added new timings to results: redirect_duration, connect_duration, backend_duration, first_paint_time, dom_interactive_time, dom_content_loaded_time, dom_content_loaded_duration, onload_time, onload_duration, fully_loaded_time, rum_speed_index.
  • Added x-metrix-stop-onload option to stop test onload.
  • results.html_load_time has been modified to be TTFB instead of including the time to download the page as well.

March 28th, 2014

  • Sync up test options to what’s available on the front end (browser, throttle, whitelist/blacklist).
  • Added /browsers and /browsers/{browser_id} endpoints.
  • Added supported browsers to /locations output.

January 25th, 2012

  • Fixed documentation for results.page_load_time, as the value is in milliseconds, not seconds and is an integer, not a float.
  • results.html_load_time has been changed from seconds/float to milliseconds/integer to match page_load_time.


  1. You must provide and maintain accurate billing information. Subscribing
    to a paid GTmetrix account gives GTmetrix license to charge you and/or bill
    your credit card for GTmetrix related fees, as well as any applicable
  2. Payments will be charged in advance on the first day of each billing
    cycle for that cycle.
  3. Subscription fees will be charged automatically unless you cancel your
  4. You can change between different billing cycles at any time. By
    default, if you are downgrading your plan, the new billing cycle length
    will take effect after the expiration of the current cycle (i.e. at the
    next renewal date). Plan upgrades take affect immediately. See Changing
    Account Types point 4 for information on immediate downgrades.

Reference Values

List of Simulated Devices

Note that this parameter is only available with the Developer Toolkit. Learn more.

Device type Device ID Device full name Screen resolution
iphone_x Apple iPhone X/XS 375×812 @ 3 DPR
iphone_xr Apple iPhone XR 414×896 @ 2 DPR
iphone_xs_max Apple iPhone XS Max 414×896 @ 3 DPR
iphone_4s Apple iPhone 4/4S 320×480 @ 2 DPR
iphone_se Apple iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE 320×568 @ 2 DPR
iphone_7 Apple iPhone 6/6S/7/8 375×667 @ 2 DPR
iphone_7_plus Apple iPhone 6/6S/7/8 Plus 414×736 @ 3 DPR
nexus_4 Google Nexus 4 384×640 @ 2 DPR
nexus_5 Google Nexus 5 360×640 @ 3 DPR
pixel Google Nexus 5X/Pixel/Pixel 2 412×732 @ 2.625 DPR
pixel_xl Google Nexus 6/6P/Pixel XL/Pixel 2 XL 412×732 @ 3.5 DPR
pixel_3 Google Pixel 3 412×824 @ 2.625 DPR
pixel_3_xl Google Pixel 3 XL 412×847 @ 3.5 DPR
lumia_520 Nokia Lumia 520 320×533 @ 1.5 DPR
galaxy_note_3 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 360×640 @ 3 DPR
galaxy_note_5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5 412×732 @ 2.625 DPR
galaxy_note_8 Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9 412×846 @ 2.625 DPR
galaxy_s5 Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 360×640 @ 3 DPR
galaxy_s7 Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 360×640 @ 4 DPR
galaxy_s8 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+ 360×740 @ 3 DPR
galaxy_s10 Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ 360×760 @ 3 DPR
ipad_2 Apple iPad 2/Mini 1024×768 @ 1 DPR
ipad Apple iPad 3/4/Air/Air 2/2017 1024×768 @ 2 DPR
nexus_7 Google Nexus 7 960×600 @ 2 DPR
nexus_10 Google Nexus 10 1280×800 @ 2 DPR
galaxy_tab_a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 960×600 @ 2 DPR
galaxy_tab_s3 Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 1024×768 @ 2 DPR
galaxy_tab_4 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 1280×800 @ 1 DPR

Connection Throttling

These are the default values for connection throttling available in the Dashboard. You can also pass in a custom connection string with down/up/latency values in Kbps.

Connection Full Name Connection String ID
Broadband Fast (20/5 Mbps, 25ms) 20000/5000/25
Broadband (5/1 Mbps, 30ms) 5000/1000/30
Broadband Slow (1.5 Mbps/384 Kbps, 50ms) 1500/384/50
LTE Mobile (15/10 Mbps, 100ms) 15000/10000/100
3G Mobile (1.6 Mbps/768 Kbps, 200ms) 1600/768/200
2G Mobile (240/200 Kbps, 400ms) 240/200/400
56K Dial-up (50/30 Kbps, 125ms) 50/30/125


This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.

Anyone is free to copy, modify, publish, use, compile, sell, or
distribute this software, either in source code form or as a compiled
binary, for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and by any

In jurisdictions that recognize copyright laws, the author or authors
of this software dedicate any and all copyright interest in the
software to the public domain. We make this dedication for the benefit
of the public at large and to the detriment of our heirs and
successors. We intend this dedication to be an overt act of
relinquishment in perpetuity of all present and future rights to this
software under copyright law.


Changing Account Types

  1. You may upgrade or downgrade your GTmetrix account at any time from the
    GTmetrix PRO tab. An upgrade is any plan where the cost per billing cycle
    is greater than or equal to your current plan’s cost per billing cycle. All
    plan changes which are not upgrades are considered downgrades.
  2. After an upgrade you will be billed immediately for the remaining time
    until the next renewal. This bill will be pro-rated in accordance with the
    amount you have already paid.
  3. After a downgrade you will be billed at the new rate on the next
    renewal date.
  4. If you wish to downgrade immediately, you may shift to any plan of
    equal or lesser value than the pro-rated amount remaining on your
    current billing cycle.

Limitation of Liability

  1. You expressly understand and agree that GTmetrix shall not be
    liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or
    exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of
    profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if
    GTmetrix has been advised of the possibility of such damages),
    resulting from: 1. the use or the inability to use the GTmetrix
    service; 2. the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services
    resulting from any goods, data, information or services purchased or
    obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through or
    from the GTmetrix service; 3. unauthorized access to or alteration of
    your transmissions or data; 4. statements or conduct of any third party
    on the GTmetrix service; or 5. any other matter relating to the
    GTmetrix service.
  2. Any decisions or claims you make based on data from the GTmetrix
    Service are your sole responsibility. GTmetrix shall not be held liable
    for any such decisions or claims.
  3. In no event shall GTmetrix’s total liability to you for all
    damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract, tort
    (including, but not limited to, negligence), or otherwise) exceed the
    amount paid by you, if any, for accessing this site.

API Credits

The GTmetrix API uses a credit system to allow access to our servers for
analysis requests.

  • 1 analysis request = 1 credit (5 credits for a video request).
  • GTmetrix Basic users are given up to 20 API credits daily.
  • You can increase your daily API credit allowance by upgrading to GTmetrix PRO.
  • When you first generate an API key, you are given 100 credits (useful for testing purposes).

Please note that your API credits only refill when they fall below your account’s daily credit allowance—credits do not accumulate past your account’s daily credit allowance.

For example, a GTmetrix Basic account has a daily allocation of 20 credits. A refill of these credits (back to 20) will occur on the next refill period and only when your remaining credits drop below 20.

If you think your application or service will require more API credits,
please feel free to upgrade to a GTmetrix PRO account, or contact us. — перевод рекомендаций на русский язык.

В скобках приведены следующие показатели: уровень оптимизации и критичность ошибки.


  • Использовать кеш браузера (Сервер; Высокая);
  • Устранить перенаправления (Содержание; Высокая);
  • Сократить JavaScript-код (JS; Высокая);
  • Указать валидатор кэша (Сервер; Высокая);
  • Уменьшить размер запросов (Содержание; Высокая);
  • Указать размеры изображений (Изображения; Средняя);
  • Минимизировать CSS (CSS; Высокая);
  • Включить сжатие gzip (Сервер; Высокая);
  • Минимизировать HTML (Содержание; Низкая);
  • Оптимизировать изображения (Изображения; Высокая);
  • Отложить синтаксический анализ JavaScript-кода (JS; Высокая);
  • Удалить строку запроса из статических ресурсов (Содержание; Низкая);
  • Указать заголовок Vary: Accept-Encoding (Сервер; Низкая);
  • Избегать неверных запросов (Содержание; Высокая);
  • Не использовать переадресацию с целевой страницы (Сервер; Высокая);
  • Включить Keep-Alive (поддержка активности) (Сервер; Высокая);
  • Использовать встроенный небольшой CSS-код (CSS; Высокая);
  • Использовать встроенный небольшой JavaScript-код (JS; Высокая);
  • Оптимизировать порядок стилей и скриптов (CSS/JS; Высокая);
  • Поместить CSS в заголовок документа (CSS; Высокая);
  • Использовать ресурсы с постоянными URL-адресами (Содержание; Высокая);
  • Применять масштабированные изображения (Изображения; Высокая);
  • Комбинировать изображения с помощью CSS спрайтов (Изображения; Высокая);
  • Избегать CSS @import (CSS; Средняя);
  • Использовать асинхронные ресурсы (JS; Средняя);
  • Указать набор символов заранее (Содержание; Средняя);
  • Избегать набор символов в метатегах (Содержание; Низкая).


  • Добавить заголовки Expires (Сервер; Высокая);
  • Использовать сети доставки содержимого (CDN) (Сервер; Средняя);
  • Делать меньше HTTP запросов (Содержание; Высокая);
  • Уменьшить количество элементов DOM (Содержание; Низкая);
  • Минимизировать JavaScript и CSS (CSS/JS; Средняя);
  • Избегать перенаправления URL-адресов (Содержание; Средняя);
  • Использовать домены без файлов cookie (Cookie; Низкая);
  • Сократить поиск DNS (Содержание; Низкая);
  • Сжать компоненты с помощью gzip (Сервер; Высокая);
  • Сделать AJAX кэшируемым (JS; Средняя);
  • Удалить дубликаты JavaScript и CSS (CSS/JS; Средняя);
  • Избегать фильтра AlphaImageLoader (CSS; Средняя);
  • Избегать ошибки HTTP 404 (не найден) (Содержание; Средняя);
  • Использовать GET для AJAX запросов (JS; Низкая);
  • Избегать выражений CSS (CSS; Низкая);
  • Уменьшить размер файла cookie (Cookie; Низкая);
  • Сделать фавикон маленьким и кэшируемым (Изображения; Низкая);
  • Настроить теги сущностей (ETags) (Сервер; Низкая);
  • Сделать JavaScript и CSS внешними (CSS/JS; Средняя).


На этой вкладке можно посмотреть отчет в виде водопада — диаграммы по визуализации загрузки страницы сайта и ее элементов.

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Только грамотные специалисты могут оптимизировать сайт должным образом, чтобы уменьшить общее время загрузки страниц, сократить размер страниц и количество запросов.

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Стоимость работ зависит от многих факторов, некоторые из которых являются: хостинг, используемая CMS, количество необходимых для оптимизации страниц, уровень текущей оптимизации.

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